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HOME PAGE | Çamoglu Nakliyat


Monday Friday 09.00 - 18.00
Saturday 09.00 - 14.00


Ahmet BÜYÜK: 0532 334 79 16
TURKEY: 0312 482 38 00
OUTSIDE TURKEY: 0312 480 21 26



Our firm takes various options, as air, road, sea and railway into consideration according to the place and volume where the goods is to be transported and presents the customer with the most appropriately priced solutions.

Our firm Çamoğlu Uluslar arası Nakliyat presents the International Door to Door transportation services at the highest level with the C3 Authorization Certificate and CEMT certificate permitting for international travelling in addition to the K3 authorization certificate for domestic household transportation and storage

For your import and exports by sea charged or not charged, we are keeping the customer satisfaction in the first place and targeting at presenting our services at the European Standards (international door to door delivery).

The fastest and most appropriately priced airway cargo transportation from all the provinces in Turkey to the world is performed by us.

Our firm Camoğlu Uluslar arası Nakliyat Ltd. Şti has C3 authorization certificate for transporting households and office materials which is certified by the Ministry of Transportation and which is hold by only a few firms in Turkey.

Our staff who are experts on their profession, pay great attention to all the goods at your homes or offices and perform the packaging work in a diligent way. You can see the importance given to the goods from the qualified packaging materials used

he most important factor shaping our services is the manpower equipped with training and information. In this way, we can ensure the sustainability of customer satisfaction and reach the continuous development.

Our service for storing the goods is not long term but short term storage. Profits or revenues are not considered in the storage service. In case our customers whose goods we transport inland or abroad

International historical artifacts, antique transportation requires a special transportation method. Before performing such as transportation, an expert shall examine the goods on site and make a schedule

Piano is one of the most valuable and rarely seen goods that is not present at all of the houses due to its high cost. The piano requires more diligence and care compared to the normal households and we see the statements about piano transportation in the advertisements of nearly all of the transportation companies.





  • Dikmen Caddesi Mimar sok. 15/14 06450 Dikmen Çankaya/ANKARA
  • Turkey 0 312 482 38 00
  • Turkey 0312 481 23 21
  • OUTSIDE TURKEY: 0312 481 37 35
  • OUTSIDE TURKEY: 0 542 482 38 00
  • Storage: 0312 482 38 00
  • Fax: 0 312 480 82 27
  • Email: info@camoglunakliyat.com
  • Email: ahmet@camoglunakliyat.net
  • Email: info@camoglunakliyat.com.tr
  • www.camoglunakliyat.com.tr
  • www.camoglunakliyat.com
  • www.camoglunakliyat.net